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What You Will Need!

  1. Cover Letter
  2. One-Sheet
  3. Demo

Cover Letter

You need to create a brief note about why you think your music will matter and be of interest to the contact. You can have a short version of your bands bio (one to three paragraphs). You have one chance to impress these people and it might be your last chance. Make sure everything is spelled CORRECTLY, especially contacts name(s), name of the radio station(s), or the name of the venue(s).


Don’t over think this page it pretty straight forward. It basically summarizes EVERYTHING about the band on one page. It will contain things like a brief bio, your logo (if you don’t have one you can contact me and I will make one for you), your contact information, a song list that highlights the one you put on your demo, a short list of upcoming shows and a professional picture of the band (make sure all band members are included in the photo). No matter who you send it to it should be printed out 8 by 10 inch glossy. If you are sending it to an A&R person you should also include a colored picture. It is super important that you sneak your band’s website or social media links on this page. Also make sure to include any reviews that you have received. It is recommended that you include only key statements of the review.

Paying attention to the design is another huge part of this sheet. If you’re not a designer get someone who is, or at least has experience putting a one-sheet together. Being brief is the key to make everything fit. If you can’t get it all to fit you need to edit the content until it does.

Contents of the one-sheet

  1. Brief Bio
  2. Logo
  3. Contact Info
  4. Song List
  5. Upcoming Shows
  6. Professional Picture
  7. URL To Your Band’s Website
  8. Hype and Reviews


This CD should have three songs on it. It should be sent in a professional looking jewel case with your logo as the cover. The songs don’t have to be million dollar studio quality but it should be clear and get the message across. It should include the bands name and the titles of the three songs on the CD. Make sure you don’t choose three of your songs that sound the same. Pick one fast song, one slow song, and one in between. This is just so they know how versatile you can be.

Keep In Mind

The people you are sending these press kits to are very busy people so keeping things brief and interesting is the key.

If your interested in getting a design you can either comment on this blog or email me at


Is the group by the name of Anonymous a bad thing? I don’t believe so. They are here to promote freedom and fun. I believe 100% in there beliefs that software should be free and the government shouldn’t be hiding things from us the way they currently are. Even if Anonymous does things that aren’t morally “right” they still do the “right” thing for freedom.  They are like modern day Robin Hood with a computer.

How the group started

The group was originally just a bunch of members from the site 4chan who lived in the /b/ section of the site. At first they were just in it to get laughs and play pranks on people. Eventually they grew past that when a man by the name of Hal Turner was talking crap about one of the guys from the /b/ section of 4chan. At that point they took it personal and started calling him on his radio show. Just asking dumb question to troll him. Then it turned out that Hal Turner was a Neo-Nazi so they attacked him even more. They would order a crap ton of stuff like pizza, and industrial materials and get it sent to his house. Ron Paul would have to pay for all this stuff until he couldn’t afford to keep his radio show anymore. Anonymous changed from one of the worst things on the internet to being a source of good. They kind of became the internet’s first army. After all of that they took on the Church of Scientology. They tried to take down a video of Tom Cruise talking about the secrets of Scientology. So Anonymous grabbed the video and started posting it everywhere. They disliked everything about Scientology and they went to digital war. Anonymous pranked them super bad by shutting down their phones and websites. That is when they made there first video basically threatening Scientology. The video also decided to meet to protest against the Church of Scientology and their numbers were huge. They all wore the Guy Fawkes Mask from V for Vendetta to hide there faces from any video that might be shot and their beliefs were they were all one so they needed a “uniform”. Operation Titstorm was their next operation which was against the Australian government because they were trying to censor the internet. Then Paypal and MasterCard shut down donations to Wikileaks because Wikileaks had posted a whole bunch of secret US documents. This angered Anonymous because you could donate money to the KKK, Neo-Nazi, and the the Westboro Baptist Church with your Paypal or MasterCard but not give any money to Wikileaks. They basically shut down their website so no one could use the two sites.  For more information watch the video that I have posted below.