It Might Get Loud Movie Review

                         In our classes last quarter we were watching a film called “It Might Get Loud”. It was about these three really cool and unique guitarist that have played or still do play in famous bands. The three guys were The Edge from U2, Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin, and Jack White from The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. It told all of their stories of how and why they became guitar players.

I really liked Jack White’s perspective on life and music. The whole minimal lifestyle thing is pretty cool. Watching him build that guitar with one string on his porch was amazing. He believed that people cared to much about having a nice guitar before they could actually play it. If you can’t play it’ll be bad either way but if you good it’ll sound good no matter what.

The Edge was really cool as well. He was the polar opposite person to Jack White. He likes to listen to the parts he can play using a crazy amount of effects because it makes it sound like two guitars are being played at once.

Jimmy Page all I have to say is this man is a legend. You already knew that though. He played in Led Zeppelin! He seemed like a really down to earth dude. He was the most traditional guitar player out of the group.

Out of the three Jack White is the youngest person in the person but that just means he has the most to prove. Jimmy Page and The Edge both play the role of sidekick to the legendary vocalist that are the frontman of their respective bands. While Jack White seems play the role of both the sidekick and frontman. The jam sessions in this movie were the coolest thing ever. It feels like you were really there watching these three legendary men throw out all of their emotions into this amazing jam. If you play guitar it made you want to join in on it. If you don’t play guitar it’d probably make you want to learn. It showed you that they are still people as well because they weren’t arguing like I’m from Led Zeppelin so that makes me better than you. I really like to see famous artist with their ways of thinking. Overall it was a really cool story about the rise of these amazing guitarists.

The camera work was really cool. They changed the style of the shots on the person they were following in that shot. It was a clever Idea. The shots during the jam sessions just intensified the emotion and raw talent of the performance. The way they shot it felt like you were almost there. The sound on the movie was pretty great as well. It didn’t sound like we were sitting in a lecture hall listening to a movie. It sounded as if they were performing for us in the lecture hall. I really enjoyed just about everything this movie had to offer. I would give it a five out of five if I could. It will also be going on my list of movies to buy.


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